Everywhere I go, anywhere I look, I face the same problem every day—people half assing their jobs. This is no exception in the Software Industry. If you have any standards at all, it should be pretty easy for you to spot badly written code. For most people, it just

The Importance of Code Reviews

Sometimes I wonder if the term code review doesn't fall under the buzzwords category—something that sounds great in theory, and everyone talks about how much they would improve the quality of code, yet no one seems to actually do them—quite a bit like continuous integration. We've all workedknights grand cross

Everyone Needs a Style Guide

One of the first things I ask when joining a new company or consulting for a company with an existing codebase is, "Do you have a standardized style guide?" Often, this is a rhetorical question, since I can more or less judge from looking at the code itself. However, asking

Sometimes 140 Characters Isn't Enough

There's a lot of shit wrong with this industry. Too many bad programmers, too much ugly code, too much poor management, and too many terrible decisions. Look around you. I'm sure you see it every day. Maybe you just inherited some dude's project and have been tasked with "maintenance" and